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Understanding how soil health affects corn and soybean yield and protein and how those effects vary by factors the grower can and cannot control

Crop Types
  • Corn
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This project seeks to identify management strategies to maximize yield and protein through soil health. Specific and practical information will be provided on how grower controlled maangemetn and weater impact soil health indicators. An important outcome of this project is to develop a soil health index for soybean and corn in Manitoba


  1. correlate soil health indicators to soybean and corn protein and yield
  2. understand how management practices and water regimes influence soil health indicators
  3. better understand how soil health indicators inter-relate with each other
  4. select a minimum set of useful soil health indicators for soybean and corn in Manitoba
  5. build a soil health index for soybean and corn protein and yield in Manitoba, and
  6. field-scale modeling to explore and extrapolate soil health and yield to future climates.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Dr. Stephen Crittenden
Project Status
Start Date
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Funding Partners
MB Agriculture, MPSG
Total Project Cost
MCA Funding

Field Issues

  • Crop Rotation,
  • Soil