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Achieving full integration of microbiology into assessments of soil health in Mantioba

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Soil health can be described as a well-functioning soil system that supports robust and resilient agricultural productivity. It would be beneficial for producers to be able to manage soil health, we first must understand the soil microbiology in Manitoba soils and how these microbes interact with each other, pathogens, crops, and other factors. The purpose of this study is to better understand the microbial life in Manitoba's agricultural soils, use this understanding to link crop rotations and tillage practices to soil microbial communities to understand the impact they have, and to help support the development of a next generation soil health assessment. Soil samples from 2021 & 2022 growing season were collected and DNA analysis was used to profile the microbial communities


  1. A more detailed understanding of microbial life in Manitoba's agricultural soils.
  2. Ability to link crop rotations, tillage practices, and weather-related factors (e.g., soil moisture) to impacts on soil microbial communities.
  3. Support for development of next generation soil health assessments.

Key Takeaways

The goal of this project was to better understand soil microbiology in Manitoba and to work towards understanding how producers and support soil health in Manitoba. This project was exploratory in nature and more research updates will follow!

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Dr. Matthew Bakker
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MPSG, MB Agriculture
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MCA Funding

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