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Grain dryer efficiency

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The goal of this study was to evaluate the baseline energy required to dry grain in Manitoba and assess potential efficiency gains. Measurements of electricity, intake temperature, humidity and plenum temperature were taken on a single-phase, cross-flow burners.


  1. Baseline assessment of economics, energy sources and potential impacts of increasing carbon tax rates on current operating methods
  2. Recommendations on near term efficiency gains through minor modifications and operating strategies for current drying systems
  3. An analysis of medium range options with requiring additional investment and a higher degree of operational changes (wet/cooling bin options, manufacturer's heat recovery systems
  4. An outline of higher capital intensive options including major investments to upgrade dryer systems (like custom heat recovery systems) or replacement with new equipment

Key Takeaways

The goal of this project was to set up and evaluate the energy requirements to dry grain in Manitoba. This was an exploratory project to understand the requirements for measuring these requirements.

Stay tuned for more research updates on this topic!

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Lorne Greiger
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MB Agriculture
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