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Manitoba Corn Hybrid Performance Trials

Welcome to the home of the Manitoba Corn Hybrid Performance Trial results that the Manitoba Corn Committee (MCC) has been conducting since 1957. Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) co-ordinates the trials.

These results are a source of unbiased, local hybrid performance information from small-plot trials being conducted at various locations across Manitoba. The MCC has the authority to provide information to Manitoba producers about the performance of corn hybrids within the province and the performance trials have had significant support from the seed industry as well.

In 2023, there were nine grain corn trials and three silage corn trials planted within Manitoba.

The MCC would like to thank all the landowners who provided land for each of the trials and test locations. The MCC would also like to thank the seed industry for all their support with the performance trials and all the trial contractors that conduct the small-plot trials. Without them, there would be no testing!

If you require any additional information on the Corn Hybrid Performance Trials or interpretation of the results, please refer to the “Important Notes” section or contact MCA.

Results will be posted below as they become available.

Grain Corn Sites 2023 Results

2022 results

Silage Corn Sites 2023 Results

2022 results

  • St. Pierre
  • Arborg (the 2022 trial was cancelled and no results will be reported due to variable emergence from excess moisture)
  • Elm Creek (the 2022 trial was cancelled and no results will be reported due to variable plant growth within the trial)

2021 results


CHU RATING: Each company assigns a Corn Heat Unit (CHU) rating to their hybrids. The CHU rating is a relative maturity indicator and is only one factor to be considered when selecting a hybrid that will mature in your area. Seed moisture content at harvest, bulk density and days to 50% silk are other measurements to look at when evaluating the relative maturity of corn hybrids.

TECHNOLOGY/GENETIC TRAITS: Seeds Canada website provides a database for corn hybrids available in Canada. Information provided includes technology brand name and refuge requirements.

CV = COEFFICIENT OF VARIATION: A measure of the random variation in a trial. A smaller CV value is more desirable.

LSD = LEAST SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE: Hybrids must differ by the LSD to be considered significantly different from one another.

SIGN. DIFF. = SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE: Indicates if a real difference exists between hybrids at an individual location.