Market Development & Access

Buyer List

Download MCA Buyer List (PDF)

As a service to its farmer members, Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) provides a Buyer List that contains the names of companies that are actively purchasing spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, flax, sunflowers and grain corn in Manitoba. The companies are authorized to deduct and remit levy to MCA as per our designation regulation.

The Canada Grain Act requires some elevators and grain dealers to have a Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) license and post security to cover their liabilities (what they owe) to farmers. Grain dealers and operators of primary, terminal and process elevators in Western Canada are licensed by the CGC.

MCA does not endorse any company over another and does not take responsibility for any transactions between these companies and their clients. It is the responsibility of farmers to satisfy themselves that any company they deal with is financially sound. Questions regarding licensing and security should be directed to the CGC at 1-800-853-6705.

MCA does NOT buy or sell wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers or flax. If you’re a purchaser and want to register with MCA, please email