Market Development & Access

Market Development and Access

Manitoba Crop Alliance supports market development and access initiatives that provides value to our farmer members. We will continue to build strategic partnerships and relationships with national and provincial organizations that establish, develop and grow domestic and international markets and access for wheat, barley, corn, flax and sunflowers. We are also committed to conducting research and sharing knowledge that demonstrates our farmer members produce high-quality crops using science-based, sustainable practices.

Consumers play a very important role in agriculture and finding new ways to reach this audience is important to us. Learn more about our consumer outreach activities here.

Key Partnerships

General Market Development Objectives

  • Position and promote Manitoban and Canadian wheat (spring and winter), barley, corn, sunflowers and flax production and products in a way that increases value, decreases marketing costs, and provides a greater net back to producers.
  • Participate in the development of a path toward the broader acceptance of proven science-based market solutions and innovations.
  • Providing funding and support to organizations Manitoba Crop Alliance is a member of to anticipate market needs in larger traditional markets and smaller strategic markets.
  • Promote consumer outreach, domestic consumption, and novel uses of Manitoban and Canadian wheat (spring and winter), barley, corn, sunflowers, and flax production.
  • Maintain and enhance Canada’s quality brand reputation.
  • Protect Canada’s reputation as a quality supplier and maintain/grow market access by providing information to farmer members through strategic partnerships.