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Extremes of Moisture: Assessment of genetic resilience of a subset of MCVET varieties

Crop Types
  • Whole Farm
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The goal of this study was to obtain a selection of crop varieties (Wheat & Canola) more resilient to excess moisture, better understand the amount and timing of excess moisture as it affects growing crops, and take measurements of critical soil moisture levels and their impact on crop performance.

This project is a sub-project of a multi-collaborator project on the Extremes of Moisture.

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Key Takeaways

Early flooding of wheat resulted in taller plants with more yield, while late flooding resulted in shorter plants, fewer days to maturity, greater lodging severity, and reduced yield. Early drought has no effect on yield. In general, wheat varieties do not differ in flood or drought tolerance.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Curtis Cavers
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Funding Partners
MCGA, MPSG, MB Agriculture
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MCA Funding

Field Issues

  • Abiotic Stress,
  • Other