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Extremes of Moisture: Potential for soil and crop management practices to rapidly increase soil organic matter on eroded land in Manitoba

Crop Types
  • Whole Farm
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This research project will examine the ability of soil management practices to increase SOM on eroded land, to rebuild its long-term productivity and profitability.

This project is a sub-project of a multi-collaborator project on the Extremes of Moisture.

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  1. Assess management practices for their effectiveness to rapidly build and protect soil organic matter on eroded land in Manitoba
  2. More uniform and stable soil moisture levels and crop yields by increasing SOM in areas where it is depressed through soil erosion
  3. Greater crop productivity and profitability.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Dr. David Lobb
Project Status
Start Date
Completion Date
Funding Partners
MCGA, MPSG, MB Agriculture
Total Project Cost

Field Issues

  • Abiotic Stress,
  • Soil