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Mitigation and management of Cry1F resistance in European corn borer in Canada

Crop Types
  • Corn
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The distribution of Cry1F resistance and the status of Bt susceptibility in Canada will be measured by screening ECB collections from different regions in laboratory bioassays. This work will be conducted over multiple years to determine the current range, spread, or containment of Cry1F resistance. This research will allow verification of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers as a tool for identification of field-evolved Cry1F resistance. This would enable quicker confirmation of resistance and faster mitigation responses for resistant populations, thereby sustaining Bt technology and reducing economic losses to producers.


  1. Understanding the Phenology of ECB in eastern Canada
  2. Determine the current distribution of Cry-1F ECB in Canada and the susceptibility of ECB in Canada to remaining BT proteins
  3. Characterization of Cry-1F resistance in Canadian ECB populations
  4. Evaluation and optimization of IRM strategies for Bt corn in Canada

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Dr. Rebecca Hallett
Project Status
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Funding Partners
NSERC, Bayer, Syngenta, GFO, AGC, Pioneer, OMAFRA, Cerom, MB Agriculture, Perennia
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MCA Funding

Field Issues

  • Insects