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Extremes of Moisture: Evaluating tile drainage and water management effects on wheat, canola and soybean productivity in heavy clay soil

Crop Types
  • Whole Farm
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Canola, soybean, and wheat yields were to be compared for controlled drainage spacing against a no drainage control treatment, in a clay soils. Yield data will be collected and modelede against measured ater table depths. A completed model could evaluate varying weather patterns to determine the long-term yield impact of water table management under various operating conditions.

This project is a sub-project of a multi-collaborator project on the Extremes of Moisture.

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  1. Understand how tile drainage impacts yield on heavy clay soils;
  2. Measure nutrient concentrations in tile water outflows;
  3. Model results to be applicable to other soil types.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Dr. Ramanathan Sri Ranjan
Project Status
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Funding Partners
MCGA, MPSG, MB Agriculture
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Field Issues

  • Abiotic Stress,
  • Other