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Enhancing pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in wheat

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  • Wheat
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Preharvest sprouting in wheat is a quantitatively inherited trait in which many of the genetic and environmental factors that influence tolerance of wheat grains to sprouting are mediated by multiple causal loci. Therefore, improving wheat tolerance to PHS through classical genetic mapping strategies is exceedingly difficult and costly. Advances in wheat genome sequencing over the last few years have made gene sequence information available. Recent progress in the integration of quantitative genetic analysis with functional genomic studies into one experimental setup is revolutionizing the identification and functional analysis of genes controlling polygenic traits of agronomic importance such as PHS in wheat. Using a newly developed and unique PHS population, the proposed research integrates genetic, transcriptomic and targeted metabolomics approaches to elucidate a more comprehensive molecular mechanism underlying PHS and identify novel candidate genes for efficient and directed breeding of wheat to improve tolerance to PHS.


  1. Novel genes for improving tolerance of wheat grains to preharvest sprouting
  2. New molecular variants/markers to facilitate breeding for sprouting tolerance
  3. Adapted wheat germplasm with optimum dormancy

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Dr. Belay Ayele
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MB Agriculture
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