New-to-flax chemistry now registered for in-crop use

It has long been known that flax farmers need stronger weed control options to successfully grow and maintain good quality and higher-yielding flax crops. BASF has been a strong supporter of flax in recent years, encouraging the growth of acres on the Prairies. In 2022, BASF announced a new registration for Heat ® LQ applied as a pre-harvest treatment aid on flax, which both MCA and SaskFlax partnered in running a field trial program for testing.

As of early November 2023, BASF announced that Armezon® herbicide is now registered for post-emergent applications to flax. This use was registered under the User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion program. Armezon® herbicide is a Group 27, post-emergent herbicide that is quickly absorbed by leaves, roots, and shoots to quickly control target weeds. The herbicide claims control of common ragweed, Eastern black nightshade, kochia (less than 10 cm), redroot pigweed, volunteer canola (prior to 6-leaf stage) and wild mustard, when applied at the recommended rate and with a specific adjuvant partner.

Manitoba flax farmers are very fortunate to have this ongoing support and can look forward to an additional tool in their toolbox to aid in successfully keeping their flax crops cleaner in 2024.

Further details on Armezon® herbicide registration in flax can be found in the accompanying documents.