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Genetic Selection – Assessment of genetic resilience of a subset of MCVET varieties

  • Administrator: Curtis Cavers, Nirmal Hari, Anastasia Kubinec
  • Start date: 2019
  • Project Status: Completed


Currently evaluation of moisture resilience by variety is not available for producers, in spite of moisture being the most probable cause for yield reductions.

  • Objective 1: varieties of key crops will be evaluated and rated for extreme moisture resilience. Selection of (cereal) crop varieties more resilient to excess moisture
  • Objective 2: Better understanding of the amount and timing of excess moisture as it affects growing crops
  • Objective 3: Measurement of critical soil moisture levels impacting crop performance
Total Funding Approved:

$ 57,422.50

" Funding Partners:

MCGA, MPSG, PESAI, Manitoba Agriculture, CAP Ag Action MB