MCA delegate represents Canadian farmers internationally on Cereals Canada new crop mission

By Manitoba Crop Alliance

Cereals Canada and the Canadian Grain Commission recently launched the 2022 New Wheat Crop Report at a series of webinars targeted to global customers of Canadian wheat. This month, the report will be shared in person when delegations representing the cereals value chain travel to over 15 countries in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This will be the first time in nearly three years that the report has been presented in person.

Sheila Elder, a delegate on Manitoba Crop Alliance’s wheat and barley crop committee, will be travelling with the group on the Latin American leg of the tour. She will visit Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile and represent Canadian farmers at over a dozen seminars and meetings. In addition to providing a summary of 2022 Canadian growing conditions,Elder will talk about the growing conditions in her area, share her science-based production practices and answer questions from the audience.

Hearing directly from a Canadian grower is always a popular component of both the virtual and in-person meetings, as it provides a direct link between the customer and grower and puts a face on Canadian grain production. For Elder, this experience is an incredible opportunity to represent Canadian cereals growers and get a better understanding of customer interest from an availability,milling quality and end-product use perspective.

To learn more about the 2022 New Crop Report and download the 2022 Crop Summary, visit:

Watch the new Cereals Canada Grain Farming in Canada video here.