MCA-funded research at the 2022 Manitoba Agronomists’ Conference

By Manitoba Crop Alliance

On Dec. 14 and 15, 2022, Manitoba agronomists met to discuss the latest developments in crop production, crop protection and soil management at the Manitoba Agronomists’ Conference.

The conference theme for 2022 was “Dialing Down the Heat: Agronomic Solutions to Climate Change” and much of the research shared was funded in part by Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA).

Here is a summary of the posters shared at the conference that feature MCA-funded research:

Nutrient management

  • Improving In-Season Corn Nitrogen Dressing Using Canopy Sensing in Manitoba
    Claudia Quilesfogel-Esparza, Mario Tenuta, Paul Bullock, University of Manitoba
  • Optimizing Nitrogen Management Under Conditions of Extreme Moisture
    Timi Ojo, John Heard, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development; Ramona Mohr, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Trevor Fraser, Paul Bullock, University of Manitoba
  • Fertilizer Use in Manitoba: Results From the 2021 Survey
    Ashley Ammeter, Morgan Cott, Manitoba Crop Alliance

Soil and water management

  • Soil Temperature as Affected by Drainage Spacing in Heavy Clay Soils of Manitoba
    Nirmal Hari, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development

Crop management

  • Economic and Agronomic Performance of Emerging Cropping Systems for Western Canada
    Ramona Mohr, Mohammad Khakbazan, Debbie McLaren, Yong Min Kim, Aaron Glenn, Maria Antonia Henriquez, Bill May, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Brian Beres, Francis Larney, Newton Lupwayi, Henry Chau, Lethbridge Research and Development Centre; Rob Gulden, University of Manitoba; Chris Willenborg, University of Saskatchewan; Terry McGonigle, Brandon University

Pest management

  • New Fusarium Head Blight Disease Risk Maps for the Canadian Prairies
    T. Matengu, P. Bullock, M. Mkhabela, F. Zvomuya, D. Fernando, University of Manitoba; T. Ojo, R. Picard, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development; M. Henriquez, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; R. Avila, A. Akhavan, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Saskatchewan; M. Harding, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Residual Weed Population Shifts in Manitoba – 1978 to 2022
    K. Brown-Livingston, S. Hladun, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development; J.Y. Leeson, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Thank you to the conference partners – University of Manitoba, Manitoba Agriculture and the Prairie Certified Crop Advisor Board – for hosting an excellent conference!

For a full list of poster presentations and speakers from the 2022 conference, visit the Manitoba Agronomists’ Conference website.