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Heat LQ (Saflufenacil) +/- glyphosate preharvest on flax

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HEAT LQ applied as a pre-harvest aid on flax has been registered for several years. However, the application was not recommended due to knowledge gaps regarding the efficacy when applied alone (not tank mixed with glyphosate) and acceptability of the flax seed in export markets. Following identification from flax growers that Heat LQ could be a useful agronomic tool, BASF Canada, in partnership with the Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA), and Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (Saskflax) ran a field trial program with financial support from the two provincial organizations. Trials to evaluate the efficacy of HEAT LQ ® applied alone were conducted at BASF research sites in 2020 and 2021 for a total of 9 locations. HEAT LQ was applied pre-harvest to flax at the recommended timing of 30% seed moisture (75 – 80% of the bolls are brown). Results from extensive testing on five locations over two years concluded improved flax dry down when Heat LQ was applied as a standalone treatment (not tank mixed with glyphosate) at labelled rates. In addition, the acceptability for the use of Heat LQ pre-harvest at the labelled rate as a standalone treatment for flax across all export markets was determined.

Key Takeaways

  • For the 2022 growing season, 40ac/case is recommended for application when 75 to 80 per cent of bolls are brown and have less than 30 per cent seed moisture.
  • BASF recommends against tank mixing with glyphosate for the 2022 season and continues to do additional work on this use pattern.

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