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Development of intermediate wheatgrass as a perennial grain

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  • Wheat
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Perennial grain development is being undertaken in response to the environmental and ecological impacts of annual crop production on our land base and in particular to our soils. The challenge with perennial grain development is to develop and understand of the agronomic practices that are required to sustain intermediate wheatgrass production across years, namely the influence of the agronomic practices on seed productivity and how these relationships are influenced by the growing conditions. The goal of this study was to look at two of the basic interventions that a producer can use to enhance crop productivity in perennial wheatgrass in Manitoba, namely fertilization and post- harvest residue management.


  1. Investigate post-harvest management on seed production across years;
  2. Evaluate fall fertility in intermediate wheatgrass

Key Takeaways

Perennial wheatgrass is a viable crop in Manitoba. After seed harvest forage material may be grazed immediately after with the straight-combine field and after growth slows down in the fall (Late October). Spring grazing is most likely out of the question due to damage to reproductive growth risk.

Project Details

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Dr. Doug Cattani
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MB Agriculture, Grain Innovation Hub
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