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Characterizing the fusarium species that affect major crops in Manitoba

Crop Types
  • Barley
  • Wheat


There are indications of the presence of Fusarium graminearum in soybean and pea fields, which represents a threat not only to soybean and pea, but also to cereals. The project will generate information that may provide hints regarding proper crop rotations that involve cereals and soybeans/pulses. Continuously assessing the activity of the Fusarium species found in the crops cited above is crucial in monitoring the threats they represent to the crops, the growers, and the industry in general.


Investigate the;

  1. Cross-pathogenicity between the Fusarium strains infecting soybean and those infecting wheat, barley, and oat;
  2. Competitiveness of Fusarium species isolated from both pea/soybean and cereals;
  3. Toxin producing potential of the F. graminearum isolates from soybean versus from cereals;
  4. Genetic diversity of selected Fusarium species infecting these crops.

Key Findings:

The tested Fusarium strains that can infect wheat/barley/oat and cause Fusarium Head Blight can also infect soybean and cause root rot symptoms.

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Dr. Fouad Daayf
Project Status
Start Date
Completion Date
Funding Partners
Mitacs, MPSG
Total Project Cost
MCA Funding