Research Goals

Manitoba Crop Alliance will maintain and strengthen the mandate of the five founding organizations, including the research goals laid out by the respective boards. Investment into research will be a significant focus of the amalgamated organization. By reducing administrative overlap and pooling resources, the farmer member board of directors and highly skilled staff will ensure continued support of independent research and agronomy support that directly benefits farmer members.

Manitoba Crop Alliance will continue to build research relationships with funding partners and commit to funding, managing, and monitoring research projects that will advance the interests and profitability of farmer members.

Manitoba Crop Alliance will lead and develop a research program that allows for a whole-farm, cross-commodity approach to research. The Whole Farm Research Program is not crop-specific and leads to innovative solutions for the benefit of Manitoba producers now and into the future. Click here to learn more about the Whole Farm Research Program.

Research priorities will include:

  • Variety development/genetic enhancement – from core breeding agreements to funding of genomic improvement projects in wheat (spring and winter), corn, and sunflowers
  • Fusarium head blight management - from varietal improvement to in-crop control measures
  • Nitrogen and Protein - from maximizing profitability for protein and seeking better nitrogen use efficiency
  • Extremes of Moisture Initiative - there is currently significant national and international research focused on drought issues for cereals but in much of Manitoba our crops are often at risk of yield loss due to excess moisture than drought
  • Rotation Considerations - with a special focus on pulse – cereal rotations. What lessons can be learned about the management practices of one crop that improves the prospects of the rotation
  • Facilitate the development of agronomic innovations to increase productivity and competitiveness of farmer members
  • Residue management
  • Stand establishment, population and row spacing research
  • Continued support to the On-Farm Research Network
  • Support of variety evaluation trials (Manitoba Corn Committee, Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team, Sunflower Variety Performance Trials)
  • Communication of timely agronomic information
  • Profitability – Relative to other crops and consistency
  • Harvest management
  • Value added