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Member More Productive and

In 2020, Manitoba reported 3.1 million acres of seeded area and 5.2 million tonnes of spring wheat production. Manitoba exported around 4.2 million tonnes of wheat valued at $1.3 billion in 2020.

- Manitoba Agriculture


We Fund Research Aimed at Finding the Information We Need to Keep Our Crops Profitable and Sustainable

Grain corn is Manitoba’s sixth biggest grain and oilseed crop by seeded acreage, following canola, wheat, soybeans, oats and barley for the 2020 growing season

- Manitoba Agriculture


Stronger Together

Manitoba Crop Alliance Inc. (MCA) is a commodity organization representing wheat (spring & winter), barley, corn, sunflower and flax farmers in the province of Manitoba, Canada. MCA puts their farmer members first and strives to continuously improve the competitiveness and profitability of all crops represented by the organization. Learn More About MCA » 

Research at Manitoba Crop Alliance

MCA funds a wide range of research projects, all aimed at finding the information we need to keep our crops profitable and sustainable production choices for Manitoba farmers . View Our Research Projects » 

The Research on the Farm Program benefits farmers by demonstrating how products and practices behave on their own farm, using farm-scale equipment. Research on the Farm projects are established across several farm types, soil types and environments, providing results relevant to both the participating farmer and a broad scale of Manitoba farming operations. By involving farmers in the scientific method, conclusions can be drawn from a wide range of environments, aiding the understanding of new production methods and products.

The Whole Farm Research program was established by Manitoba Crop Alliance to address the need for whole-farm, cross-commodity research in Manitoba. Supporting non-crop-specific research, Whole Farm Research recognizes the challenges and opportunities of diverse cropping systems across Manitoba. This multi-disciplinary approach leads to innovative solutions that benefit Manitoba producers now and into the future.

Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) represents wheat, barley, winter wheat, corn, flax and sunflower farmers in Manitoba. MCA evaluates and supports research projects that will address the priorities outlined by its crop committees and ensures results are communicated to farmers to aid in the production and advancement of these crop types. By supporting crop-specific research, MCA and its farmer members are working to ensure these diverse crop types remain productive and profitable options for Manitoba farmers.

Cash Advance

The Advance Payments Program (APP) is a federal program, delivered and administered by Manitoba Crop Alliance. It offers Canadian farmers marketing flexibility through interest-free and low interest cash advances.

Production Resources

Manitoba Crop Alliance offers a variety of informative agronomic resources for all our crops that are designed to help farmers make appropriate management decisions on their farm.


Market Development

Manitoba Crop Alliance works to develop key relationships with national organizations and commits to funding, managing, and monitoring projects that will continue to advance the interests and profitability of farmer members in the areas of market development and access.

Consumer Outreach

Consumers and end-use customers play a very important role in agriculture. Finding new ways to reach this audience to provide them with information on how they can use the products produced by the crops we represent, along with factual, science-based knowledge is very important to Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA).