Making every Manitoba Farmer member more productive and sustainable

Manitoba Crop Alliance’s research program invests in research that will make every Manitoba farmer member more productive and sustainable, providing data to help members make decisions for their operations. Investments will be made towards meaningful, independent research and valuable knowledge as outlined in our strategic plan

Our research priorities are identified each year by our farmer-led crop committees. MCA has four crop committees: wheat & barley, flax, sunflower and corn.

We address identified research priorities through collaboration in provincial and federal funding programs, and internal funding programs such as our Whole Farm Research program. In addition, we lead a Research on the Farm program and support numerous variety evaluation trials (e.g., Manitoba Corn Committee, Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team, Sunflower Variety Performance Trials), which provide unique opportunities for the creation of sound data that can help farmers make informed decisions for their operations.

We take pride in the role farmer members play in identifying research priorities and initiatives. If you are interested in contributing to discussions about research that could impact your farm, consider becoming a crop committee delegate!


General MCA research priorities include:

  • Variety development and genetic enhancement
  • Applied agronomy
  • Disease and pest management
  • Crop quality
  • Economics and farm profitability
  • Value-add opportunities

Crop Specific Research

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