About the Program

About the Advance Payments Program (APP)

Advance Payments Program
The Advance Payments Program (APP) is a federal program, delivered and administered by the Manitoba Crop Alliance. Under the program, the Government of Canada provides the loan guarantee, funds the interest-free portion of advances, and helps to make low interest rates possible on the remainder for Canadian producers.

Manitoba Crop Alliance assumed administration of the APP from the Manitoba Corn Growers Association on August 1, 2020. Manitoba Corn Growers Association, a founding member of the Manitoba Crop Alliance, had been an APP’s administrator since 1981.

Manitoba Crop Alliance will continue providing personalized, friendly, small town service, when you apply for and manage your APP cash advance. When you phone or visit Manitoba Crop Alliance’s office, you will be speaking with staff who are experts with the APP and your file. Manitoba Crop Alliance offers advances on over 35 crop kinds and honey.

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Rates & Fees

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Manitoba Crop Alliance offers farmers multiple options to apply for an APP cash advance. Get more information details for applying for the Advance Payments Program.

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