Whole Farm Research

Whole Farm Research

  • Administrator: Manitoba Crop Alliance
  • Start date: 2022
  • Project Length: 3-5 years
  • Project Status: Currently reviewing LOI's


  • Whole Farm Research program: Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) will lead and develop a research program that allows for a whole-farm, cross-commodity approach to research. The Whole Farm Research program is not crop-specific and leads to innovative solutions for the benefit of Manitoba producers now and into the future.

General Principles:

MCA Whole Farm Research projects are:

  • Innovative and forward-thinking.
  • Designed to answer farmers questions or resolve issues.
  • Solution-oriented with actionable outcomes and an emphasis on end goals that producers can implement in their operations.
  • A pathway to assess and integrate new/next technology into Manitoba cropping systems.
  • Another channel to communicate and collaborate with other organizations in Manitoba and across Canada.
  • An opportunity to enhance communication channels with consumers and the public.

Research Priorities:

  • Crop Rotation Innovation
    • Economic analyses for Manitoba rotation choices.
    • Understand rotations designed for increased yield potential (costs and benefits).
    • Pest control approaches including herbicide and fungicide rotations.
    • Water use efficiency and water use balance.
    • Nutrient use efficiency and stewardship.
    • Harvest management.
  • Soil Health: Organic Matter
    • Herbicide and fungicide effects on soil biology.
    • Carbon sequestration.
  • Cover Crop and Intercropping
    • Options designed for Manitoba growing conditions.
  • Pest Management: Weeds, Diseases and Insects
    • Optimize current tools and minimize resistance pressure.
    • Next generation control options.
    • Integration of digital tools.
  • Water
    • Extremes of moisture managing drought and flood
    • Irrigation and drainage innovation

MCA accepted letters of intent (LOI)s for Whole Farm Research projects to begin in 2022. LOI’s were accepted until Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Download and view the LOI invitation here.

Download the LOI template here.