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Understanding auxinic herbicde resistance in kochia and staying ahead of what's next

  • Start date: January, 2021
  • Project Length: 4 Years
  • Project Status: In Progress


The overall goal of this research project is to improve our understanding of synthetic auxin resistance in kochia, determine how quickly this type of resistance will spread, and develop effective tools for management of these biotypes. An additional goal is to stay ahead of potential new types of herbicide resistance through intensive population screening efforts.

The proposed research will help farmers and the agriculture industry understand which herbicide active ingredients and usage scenarios remain effective for maangement of multiple HR kochia. It will also help them understand how auxinic herbicide resistance in kochia is inherited, how quickly it will spread, and what can be done to mitigate this spread. This work will also develop a new surveillance program to stay ahead of PPO inhibitor resistance in Canadian kochia populations.

  • 1: Conduct a baseline survey of PPO inhibitor-resistant kochia in Western Canada
  • 2: Assess kochia populations for cross-resistance to other synthetic auxin herbicides, herbicide mixtures and usage windows
  • 3: Assess the efficacy of a potential "new" (old) herbicide, dichlorprop, for management of auxinic herbicide-reisstant kochia
  • 4: Work toward determining the mechanisms of auxinic herbicide resistance in kochia in Western Canada
  • 5: Determine whether dicamba or fluroxypyr resistance traits in kochia confer fitness penalties
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