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Phenotypic screening methods and a diagnostic seed test to assess bacterial leaf streak in Canadian wheat germplasm

  • Start date: January, 2022
  • Project Length: 3.5 Years
  • Project Status: In Progress


Given limited understanding of bacterial leaf streak in Canada, combined with recent communications from producers and industry regarding increase in disease incidence, we will gather information on bacterial leaf streak to help producers.

Development of seed testing protocols and preliminary screening for resistance will reduce yield loss from bacterial leaf streak in Canadian wheat.

  • 1: Characterize pathogenix Xanthomonas translucens strains affecting wheat across Western Canada
  • 2: Establish a seed testing protocol to detect pathogenic Xanthomonas translucens on wheat kernels
  • 3: Develop an indoor phenotype-based screening method to evaluate germplasm for BLS resistance
  • 4: Screening for resistance against BLS in commercial cereal varieties from Canada
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