Research on the Farm

On-Farm Agronomy Support for MCA projects

  • Start date: 2018
  • Project Length: 1 year
  • Project Status: COMPLETE


Benefits to MB Producers:

  • Access to latest research that can be applied to their farm.
  • Determine profitability of the practices.
  • Obtain fusarium damaged kernel (FDK) and deoxynivalenol (DON) results.
  • Learn accepted on-farm-testing procedures.


Research Awareness: involving farmers in on-farm trials across the province created a great amount of interest in the research projects and demand for results.

Broadening of Research Objectives: including on-farm trials to accompany intensively managed small plot trials allowed for the collection of different types of data that complemented each other.

Geographic Distribution: establishment of on-farm trials allowed for data collection across many different soil types, landscapes, weather and management practices.

  • Objective 1: Coordinate and contact potential farmer cooperators
  • Objective 2: Be available during key test application(s) and harvesting.
  • Objective 3: Take various measurements to help explain test results
  • Objective 4: Provide a report analysing treatment differences.
  • Objective 5: Project coordinator will work with local On-Farm Test coaches to collect field observations and harvest.
  • Objective 6: On-Farm Test coaches may be local Manitoba Agriculture staff, retail or independent agronomists.
  • Objective 7: Some compensation will be offered to agronomists that assist with ensuring untreated areas and harvest measurements.
Manitoba Crop Alliance Funding:


Funding Partners:

Grower Collaborations & On-Farm Test coaches