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Growth Development Modeling of Manitoba Oilseed Crops

Growth Development Modeling of Manitoba Oilseed Crops

  • Administrator: Anastasia Kubinec
  • Start date: 2012
  • Project Length: 2012-2014
  • Project Status: Completed


The Manitoba crop growing region is widely variable in regards to daily temperature and accumulation of heat. The impact is differing amounts of days that a crop takes to reach specific growth and development milestones at specific locations. With the expansion of new oilseed crops like soybeans and increased interest in other oilseed crops like sunflower, a better understanding of the impact of temperature and influence of Growing Degree Days (GDD) accumulation on growth development is needed. Calculated GDD with available web-based or home weather monitoring systems are available to farmers and could be used as another risk management tool to assess the viability of introducing other oilseed crops in rotations or success in planting in late seasons.

GDD growth and development models are publicly available for the ‘traditional’ oilseed crops canola and flax (print format and on-line Growers Guides from Canola Council of Canada and Flax Council of Canada. For soybean models have been proposed and sunflower models have been developed. Both have been tested in the United States using varieties that Manitoba farmers may not have access to. The models should still be applicable to Manitoba conditions, but the testing and verification has not been published.

Using accepted canola and flax GDD models, the intent of this project was to examine the applicability of the GDD models developed for soybean and sunflower under Manitoba conditions.

Growth Development Modeling of Manitoba Oilseed Crops - ARDI Report

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