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Application of antimicrobial peptides to increase cereal crops resistance to fungal pathogens

  • Start date: May, 2022
  • Project Length: 1.5
  • Project Status: In Progress


NONEXPRESSOR OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES 1 (NPR1) is a master regulator of pathogen response and is involved in initiation of systemic acquired resistance (SAR) and induced systemic resistance (ISR). SAR is a long-lasting, broad-spectrum resistance. SAR can be induced in the plant away from the place of infection (systemic leaves) through mobile signals and can prepare the plant to respond more efficiently to the future pathogen attacks.

Proof of concept for long-term development. This may result in development of new biodegradable fungicides for field applications.

  • 1: Generate wheat transgenics with a pTaNPR1-5'UTR:LUC that will be used as the model plants to test AMP's application
  • 2: Screen 20 of the most promising AMPs from the PHytAMP database for their ability to activate expression from TaNPR1 promoters
  • 3: Treat wheat and barley plants with salicylic acid and examine leaf proteome for the presence of novel stress-induced peptides using mass-spectrometry analysis
  • 4: Test pathogen response of wheat and barley plants pre-treated with peptides to FHB or leaf rust infection
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