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Diversity, Domestication, Discovery, and Delivery

  • Start date: 2019
  • Project Length: 5 Year (2019 - 2025)
  • Project Status: Approved In Progress


Co-Research Leads: Curtis Pozniak, Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon & Sylvie Cloutier, Ottawa Research & Development Centre, AAFC
Co-Investigators: Ron Knox & Richard Cuthbert, AAFC, Swift Current; Curtis Pozniak, CDC, U of S, Saskatoon; Wentao Zhang, NRC, Saskatoon
Collaborators: Andrew Sharpe, Global Institute of Food Security & P2IRC, Richard Gray, Sean Walkowiak, Steve Robinson, Jill Hobbs, University of Saskatchewan; Frank M. You, Colin Hiebert,Curt McCartney, Richard Cuthbert, Maria Antonia Henriquez, AAFC, CRC, Morden; Kagale Sateesh, NRC, Saskatoon; Philip Pardey, University of Minnesota; Julian Aston, University of California Davis; Alfons Weersink, University of Guelph

Benefits to MB Producers: The goal of 4DWheat is to use cutting edge science to accelerate the future development of higher yielding, stress resistant wheat varieties grown by Canadian farmers thereby creating substantial economic and environmental benefits for Canadians.

  • Diversity: Create new knowledge through the characterization of genetic diversity in wild wheat relatives
  • Domestication: Development of new methods of domestication and gene discovery
  • Discovery: of better methods, genes and germplasm
  • Delivery: Work with breeders and policy makers to deliver pathways that will enhance the breeders’ ability to exploit this genetic diversity
  • : Accelerate the development and adoption of improved wheat varieties in Canada
Manitoba Crop Alliance Funding:


Total Funding Approved:

$11 million

Funding Partners:

AWC, SaskWheat,Western Grains Research Foundation, Genome Canada, AAFC, Government of Saskatchewan – Agriculture Development Fund, Viterra