Research on the Farm

2022 Research on the Farm Trial Program


Objectives: on-farm research is scientific research that is conducted on real, working farms to:

  • involve farmers in the scientific method, in collaboration with research specialists.
  • conduct on-farm research tests of new practices or products over a wide range of farming environments, to guide management decisions.
  • ensure that protocols are simple and practical to implement, because farming runs on tight deadlines during the growing season.
  • determine whether a practice is good or bad by assessment of economic and/or environmental parameters.

Video: How the Research on The Farm Program benefits Manitoba producers

Benefits to MB Producers:

On-farm research benefits farmers by demonstrating how products or practices behave on their own farm, on their own land and with their own equipment. The question of whether research results apply to their soil type or environment is answered immediately.

On-Farm research also benefits the entire industry. By involving farmers in the scientific method, we can draw results and conclusions from a wider range of environments. The amount of data produced adds up quickly and can be used to make inferences and predictions that are relevant and robust over a wide, geographical region.


Barley Plant Growth Regulator

Barley Seeding Rate

Corn Plant Population

Flax Seeding Rate

Malt Barley Variety

Sunflower Plant Population – Oilseed

Wheat Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer

Wheat Fungicide Management

Wheat Seed Treatment

Wheat Seeding Rate

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