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Wild Oats Across the Prairies

The Resistant Wild Oat Action Committee (RWOAC) has been working to increase awareness regarding wild oat resistance across the Canadian Prairies. Approximately 69% of wild oats across the praries display herbicide resistance (62% Group 1, 27% Groups 1 &2, 34% Group 2). These numbers are concerning as herbicide options for farmers become limited. The following infographics are the first resources RWOAC has released. In Manitoba, wild oat resistance testing to Group 1 & 2 herbicides is performed at Ag Quest. Visit their website here.

For more information, follow the committee on twitter @RWildOat and visit their website.

Information provided by Mallorie Lewarne, Agronomy Extension Specialist (Cereal Crops) with Manitoba Crop Alliance

Wild oat

Wild oat resistance