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Video: Sustainability and the whole farm approach

The Whole Farm approach is all about sustainability and improving our farms for the future. In this video, Doug Martin talks about the important roll a diverse crop rotation plays in making farms more resilient.

Manitoba Crop Alliance was proud to work with Bell Media over the summer to produce this video featuring farmer member Doug Martin. Doug Martin farms 3,000 acres near East Selkirk, Manitoba with his cousin and their families. The Martin family grows fall rye, winter wheat, spring wheat, canola, soybeans, corn, oats and barley and run a 1,200 swine farrow-wean stock operation. The Martin family has farmed in the East Selkirk area for 125 years and Doug’s family is the fourth generation on the farm.

Through this partnership with Bell Media, MCA is able to connect with consumers and end-use customers to share information on how they can use the products produced by the crops we represent. Sharing factual, science-based knowledge is very important to MCA.

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