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Partnering in agriculture literacy in Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) has invested a total of $30,000 to Agriculture in the Classroom – Manitoba (AITC-M), becoming a Cultivator Supporter. Recognizing that today’s students are our future leaders, voters, consumers, and the like, MCA supports AITC-M’s mission, which is “To inspire every student in Manitoba with a deeper understanding of how agriculture works, and why it’s so important in our province and our world.”

Many children have never been exposed to a farm, so we feel it is important they have opportunities to learn about where their food comes from, how it is produced and how farmers are stewards of the land.

“My children are fortunate enough to be able to grow up on a farm and are enjoying that experience immensely. They are constantly learning about agriculture and a way of life that has existed and evolved for centuries. Unfortunately, the majority of our population today are unable to experience life on the farm first hand. It’s extremely important that those children who don’t have a direct connection to the farm have an opportunity to learn how crops are grown, where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture in our province,” says Warren McCutcheon, MCA board member and farmer. “Supporting AITC-M is an important step towards educating more children about what we do as an industry. There could be a future farmer, agronomist, mechanic, or home gardener in our midst that were motivated in some part by the amazing work of AITC-M.”

The recent $20,000 investment to AITC-M will support the following resources:

Manitoba Seed Kit: A highly anticipated and often-requested resource that will engage students in learning about crops grown in Manitoba. The kits will contain the seeds of 15 Manitoba fibre, forage, food and feed crops. Students and teachers will learn to recognize these crops, where they are grown and processed in Manitoba, what they are used for and their economic importance to Canada and the world. Barley, flax, corn, sunflower, and wheat seeds will be featured as five of the components of the kits.

Foundations of Manitoba Agriculture Resource: A virtual resource (available online) that highlights all major crop and livestock commodities in Manitoba, available in three different formats to appeal to teachers and students from K-12. It will highlight the importance of agriculture in Manitoba, link to other programs and resources that help teachers reach their curriculum goals, and provide opportunities to deliver an engaging experience for students while increasing agriculture literacy in classrooms year after year. Barley, flax, corn, sunflower, and wheat production in Manitoba will be featured as major crop commodities to promote a positive image of crop production in the province.

“We are so pleased to have MCA on board as a Foundational Sponsor for these two new resources,” said Sue Clayton, Executive Director for AITC-M. “Education about the crops and other commodities in Manitoba is crucial to creating an ag literate future for our industry.”

MCA is proud to support AITC-M as they deliver their mission to bring accurate, balanced and current agriculture literacy programs and resources to Manitoba schools.