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Manitoba Crop Alliance launches Grain Marking Insights Report

The Manitoba Crop Alliance is excited to announce the delivery of the first Grain Marketing Insights Report to our members later this month. Each month, we will work with LeftField Commodity Research to provide grain marketing intelligence, analysis and commentary to you, our members.

“Marketing information is important for farmers, especially for smaller acreage crop types like flax, sunflowers and even grain corn,” says Nick Matheson, MCA director, communications committee and flax committee delegate. “The Grain Marketing Insights Report will be full of research, observations and relevant information to help producers make informed marketing decisions. Farmers need to know they have options other than the traditional elevators.”

The Grain Marketing Insights Report will cover marketing intelligence and analysis on wheat, barley (malting and feed), grain corn, flax, and sunflowers (confectionary and oil-types). The information will be Manitoba-focused and will include relevant content related to the domestic and export world markets Manitoba farmers sell their crops into.

“At LeftField Commodity Research our expertise is independent market analysis. We’ve built an unparalleled information base with extensive data about Canadian and global crop markets,” says Chuck Penner, Founder, LeftField Commodity Research. “We’re thrilled to start this partnership with MCA and we look forward to generating timely, relevant marketing information in an easy to digest format for members.”

Grain Marketing Insights will be sent to members who are signed up for our monthly e-newsletter, HeadsUp, on Wednesday of the third full week in each month. The full report will be available on our website each month and will be shared on our social media channels. An archived version of previous reports will also be available on our website. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter today!

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