Request for Proposals: Assessment of the Capacity for Crop Research in Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) is leading an initiative to assess the capacity for crop research at public and private institutions in Manitoba.

The objective of this study is to provide information that describes the present and anticipated capacity for crop research in Manitoba. This information will be used to assist MCA in determining potential opportunities for future research investments.

The research, production, and extension services that MCA funds have a clear impact on the farms of our members. MCA funds research to provide data that supports and aids members in making decisions for their operations. Much of this information has come from research performed by public institutions such as government agencies and universities. Manitoba farmers are concerned that public and private agronomic research capacity has not kept pace with the growth of the industry.

To receive consideration, responses to this RFP must be received no later than 4 p.m. CST on Oct. 20, 2023.