Sign up now for our 2023 Corn Yield Competition

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Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) is looking for participants for the 2023 Corn Yield Competition!

All entrants must be farmer members of MCA.

Prizes will be awarded as follows at the CropConnect Conference banquet, which will be held on Feb. 14, 2024:

  • 1st Prize – $1,000 and a wall plaque (sponsored by the company with the winning hybrid)
  • 2nd Prize – $500 and a wall plaque
  • 3rd Prize – $300 and a wall plaque
  • 4th and 5th Prize – Receive a wall plaque


Please review the instructions at the link above and keep them in mind as you are scouting for the very best spot in your field. Even if you don’t have your spot(s) picked out, you can still enter early!

For more information or to enter, please contact:

Morgan Cott
Agronomy Extension Specialist – Special Crops
Manitoba Crop Alliance