Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


Our investments will make every Manitoba farmer member more productive and sustainable.


For every levy dollar we collect, we maximize these resources into meaningful, independent research, valuable knowledge and targeted advocacy.

Strategic Objectives and Key Results

Our Strategic Plan is built around our Objectives and Key Results. The Board sets the priorities for how much we invest towards each objective. We will demonstrate to members how we invest every dollar they contribute.


The research, production and extension services we undertake will have a clear impact on the farms of our members. We will fund research to provide the data that supports and aids members in making decisions for their operations.

Key Results

  1. Our Crop Committees will lead research, production and extension services programs, representing investments of the levy from each crop type. Ever year we will show how each crop type has benefited.
  2. Our Whole Farm Research program will continue providing cross-commodity, solution-oriented research that members can implement in their operations and we will continue to grow this program as we learn.
  3. It is our responsibility to examine the ways that Manitoba farmers maximize the advantages and inherent resiliency of the diverse rotation with the five crop types. Our research will demonstrate the viability of our crop options for all our members.
  4. Variety development is a key tool to ensuring profitability and unlocks yield potential and agronomic constraints. We will evaluate how we can support variety development research in each crop type, over a 5-year time frame.


We will continue to support market development and access that directly benefits farmer members.

Key Results

  1. We will continue to provide funding and support to the leading organizations that establish, develop and grow international markets and access for our five crop types.
  2. We will conduct research and share knowledge that demonstrates that our farmer members produce quality crops using science-based sustainable practices.
  3. We will continue to find ways to reach consumers and end users to share factual, science-based knowledge about how our farmer members grow the crops we represent.


We will focus on being a voice for Manitoba farmers by sharing the impact of government policies on their operation and backing it up with our research and the lived experience on their farms.

Key Results

  1. We will continue to be a member of organizations that have a core focus on policy and advocacy to ensure that our farmer members are represented.
  2. We will invest in forward-looking research in areas such as soil health, water, and sustainability to quantify the impact on our farmer members and advocate for their interests with government and industry.


We want every member to use the information we produce to make productive and sustainable decisions on their farm.

Key Results

  1. Enhance the way we communicate with members using a variety of communications tactics and measure the impact with member feedback.


Our organization will be a lean and efficient operation with farmer member input to inform and shape our decisions.

Key Results

  1. We will continue to encourage farmer members to become delegates to form our Crop Committees.
  2. The MCA Board will continue to make dynamic strategic investment decisions during the life of this strategic plan.
  3. The MCA Board will determine how and when the organization engages in advocacy and issues.
  4. The MCA staff will serve as the administrator of the Advance Payments Program.