Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The goals of Manitoba Crop Alliance will maintain and strengthen the mandate of the five founding organizations, including:

Research and Agronomy – Improved, independent, farmer driven research and agronomy support.

Market Access and Development – Work with key industry stakeholders to develop new markets and support existing markets.

Communications: Build a strong connection to research and agronomy programs to deliver those results to membership for increased profitability and quality.

Board Governance: The organization will be governed by a farmer Board of 11 elected Directors who will represent Manitoba farmers growing crops included in the mandate of the new organization.

Crop Committee Structure: The new organization will have 4 crop committees composed of 34 delegates who will be elected by farmer members.

Grassroots Farmer Involvement: The new crop committee structure will make it easier for farmers to be involved and will ensure improved, coordinated feedback with farmer members.

Lean and Efficient Operation: The new organization will continue to be a lean and efficient with low general administration expenses.

A thorough and comprehensive strategic planning session is being planned by the board of directors and staff for 2021. Manitoba Crop Alliance will release its strategic plan to their farmer members once completed.