Sponsorship / Donation Policy

Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) will consider sponsorship or donation requests from organizations for initiatives that reflect MCA’s vision and mission.

  • Vision: Our investments will make every Manitoba farmer member more productive and sustainable.
  • Mission: For every levy dollar we collect, we maximize these resources into meaningful, independent research, valuable knowledge, and targeted advocacy.

The request should help to achieve one or more of MCA’s strategic objectives as presented in our strategic plan that can be sourced here.

The following definitions will be used within this policy:

  • Sponsorship: A financial and/or in-kind contribution to an organization and in return, MCA receives promotional consideration.
  • Donation: A free or philanthropic contribution or gift, to a charitable organization or public institution.

The sponsorship or donation opportunity must also fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • Support personal and professional development of MCA farmer members.
  • Support research and production extension initiatives in wheat (spring and winter), barley, sunflower, flax, and corn in Manitoba and Canada.
  • Support market development initiatives in wheat (spring and winter), barley, sunflower, flax, and corn industries in Manitoba and Canada.
  • Enhance future productivity and sustainability of Manitoba’s agriculture industry.

Sponsorship or donation requests must provide to MCA:

  • Background information on the organization requesting support and its mandate.
  • How the sponsorship or donation will be used.
  • How the sponsorship or donation meets MCA’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives and how it will support the listed criteria.
  • If MCA’s sponsorship or donation will be leveraged to make farmer members dollars go farther.
  • A list of other confirmed sponsors.
  • How MCA’s sponsorship or donation will be recognized and promoted.
  • An analysis of expected participation and/or attendance in the initiative.

How to Apply:

If you feel your sponsorship or donation request meets the criteria outlined in this policy, please send the request with supporting information to hello@mbcropalliance.ca.